United Oil is one of the region’s most reliable heating oil distributors. Here a United Oil driver is shown preparing to fill a customer’s heating oil tank Boise, Idaho.

The process is simple and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Customers appreciate United Oil’s reliable, friendly service.

When the furnace oil tank is full, the  driver retracts the filler hose and makes his way to the next customer. Heating your home with an oil furnace is warm, clean, and economical.

Heating your home with oil is safe. Were you aware that–
1. Heating oil cannot explode. If you dropped a lit match into a barrel of oil, it would go out as if dropped in water. Oil must be converted to a fine-particle mist before it will ignite and burn, typically at a temperature of 130° to 140°.

2. Oilheat poses an extraordinarily low risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

For more information about heating your home with oil, please visit www.oilheatAmerica.com

For additional information regarding fuel tanks and regulations, see www.epa.gov/oust/dp/id.htm

Fast Facts about Oil heat:
1. There are approximately 10 million oil-heated homes in the U.S.; 350,000 oil-heated homes were built in the last decade alone.

2. The efficiency of today’s oilheat systems can exceed 90%.

3. Adjusted for inflation, today’s oilheat prices are virtually unchanged from 30 years ago.

4. Clearburn Science has made oilheat 99.9% clean.

5. The chances of an underground storage tank leak are much less than 1%, and a modern tank has an ever lower risk.

6. For every gallon of oil burned, a whopping 140,000 BTU’s are produced.

7. Oil companies received a rating of 94% for fast and friendly service.